Tony Clarke

Tony Clarke was part of the medical core in the 70’s & 80’s and has delivered babies, worked in theatre, worked in casualty and been an active student in the arts of healing.   He went on to study Physical Education and Business management.   He has overseen numerous medical situations, given stiches, taken blood, given injections, bandaged injuries and now studied Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy. 

After 15 months of research and study, Tony purchased the Biobarica Revitalair 430 Medium Grade Medical Hyperbaric Chamber, that operated at 1,45 ATA.  Clients breathe 94% oxygen to receive an Oxygen dose of 817 litres per hour, which is significant.
Tony continues to work with patients, clients and leaders to further the exposure of mHBOT in the city.  He utilises the mHBOT regularly for boosting in running half marathons.


Bev Clarke

Bev Clarke practised as a nurse for many years and still has a passion for patients to experience the best care possible. Since 2019, we have been researching the myriad claims of HBOT that provides a credible body of proof that HBOT is a very easily utilized form of therapy that can assist in the treatment, care and support of a long list of conditions that many face every day of their lives.
Bev has completed all of the Biobarica hyperbaric training modules and is a certified HBOT Therapist.
She has grown the client base to 260 clients, some whom have done over 40 sessions.  Bev has done over 210 personal treatment sessions and has recovered from serious asthma induced panic attacks and is now living a very happy healthy life.

Bev is running half marathons in July and October 2022.