What conditions are treated?

Sports Injuries

Sports Injuries include muscular tears, tenderness, strain through traumatic injury or over training as well as concussion from impact injuries. The injuries result in mechanical disruption of tissue (tear, stretch, shear) that is compounded by inflammation which prevents oxygen from getting to the injury site.
Sports High Performance and/ or Recovery refers to the degree of preparation, training, and activity that prepares the athlete to minimize injury, maximize performance, and accelerate recovery of tissue post injury or performance.

What are the causes & resultant issues?

Sports injuries, accompanied by intense pain, show by swelling, bruising, bleeding, deformity, and loss of mobility that inhibits performance and prevents participation.

How does mHBOT improve the healing process?

mHBOT provides higher doses of oxygen to the area, in fact up to 9 times as much. When delivered immediately after performance or injury,  by easing inflammation and transporting vital oxygen to the injured tissue to repair the wounds and relieve pain. In order to maximize muscle tissue regrowth and development, mHBOT is most beneficial immediately after intense workouts in which anaerobic metabolism is incurred (sprinting, body building, martial arts training, etc.) During these types of sports activities, the muscles burn fuel without oxygen and generate toxic by-products, accumulating lactic acid and mild hypoxia(lack of O2). Regular mHBOT sessions after peak workouts cancels oxygen debt, preparing muscle tissues and joints for the next workout. 


mHBOT is one of the most efficient ways of treating fractures and ligament damage due to sports injuries, together with a regimen of ice, microwave heated bean bags etc. Repeated sessions of 90min have been shown to reduce injury healing by up to 50%. A fracture in healthy patients takes 8 weeks to heal if immobilized correctly. Having a series of twenty-two 90min mHBOT sessions initially 5 times a week for the first 2 weeks and then a further 3 sessions for 4 weeks could reduce recovery by 2 weeks.


A minor concussion can resolve relatively quickly, but in some cases, the injuries compound into “post-concussion syndrome,” which may not resolve for weeks, months or years following the brain trauma, and could be permanent. mHBOT sessions can reduce risk and prevent long term Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI). Any concussion that lingers more than 48hrs should be treated seriously and 10 mHBOT sessions of 75min should be administered as part of recovery management.


Decompression sickness from diving accidents was originally the main reason HBOT was introduced into medicine. This is treatable with multiple sessions of mHBOT with up to 2 sessions of 120min per day until the symptoms cease.


Long term rehabilitation of patients that have experienced these traumatic events. There is good evidence that mHBOT sessions are effective in reducing anoxic and hypoxic conditions.

CASES – Studies

Ishii and colleagues reported the use of HBO as a recovery method for muscular fatigue during the Nagano Winter Olympics [Ishii et al. 2005]. In this experiment seven Olympic athletes received HBO treatment for 30–40 minutes at 1.3 ATA with a maximum of six treatments per athlete and an average of two. It was found that all athletes benefited from the HBO treatment presenting faster recovery rates. These results are concordant with those obtained by Fischer and colleagues and Haapaniemi and colleagues that suggested that lactic acid and ammonia were removed faster with HBO treatment leading to shorter recovery periods [Haapaniemi et al. 1995; Fischer et al. 1988].

Hypoxia, anoxia & Ischemia

Respiratory difficulties due to:
Tissue degeneration due to:
mHBOT has the ability to be anti-inflammatory and reduces hypoxia. It also provides anti

Cognitive impairment, cerebral palsy, autism

TBI, concussion & Dementia

Application of medical gases in the field of neurobiology – Looking at oxygen use in treating patients with brain trauma and strokes.

Ageing, skin revitalization & reviving of cellular degeneration